Survivor Pool – Week 17 (2011) – 49ers or Saints?

Question: What would be a good survivor pool pick for week 17?

The first game that I like is the over the . However, the 49ers need to be able to play for home field advantage in order for me to take this pick. My second choice would be the over the Carolina Panthers.  Although the Saints are on a short week, Drew Brees always plays well at home. My third choice would be the over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I like the Falcons at home who are fighting for playoff position.

Of those three, what do you think is the best pick for week 17? I know a lot depends on what happens on Saturday night with team jocking for playoff position. Any advice would be appreciated. I am one or two people remaining out of 91 people. I hope I win.


The Panthers are a dangerous team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Panthers beat the Saints. You saw the Rams upset the Saints earlier this season. I say you stick with the 49ers. You have the best defense in the league on your side against one of the worst offenses in the National Football League. I don’t think the 49ers will be resting starters as they are still playing for playoff position. Go with the 49ers.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 16 (2011) – Steelers, Ravens, Texans, or Patriots?

Question: What team should I take in week 16 of my survivor pool?

I have 4 picks that I’m looking at:

1.) BAL over CLE
2.) PIT over STL
3.) HOU over IND
4.) NE over MIA

Which pick do you think is a lock?

Best answer:

I would avoid the Ravens and Texans as they look bad this past week. I would take Steelers over the Rams. With the Steelers at home, this game should be a lock.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 16 (2011) – Ravens or Patriots?

Question: What team should I take in Week 16 of my survivor pool?

I’m thinking of taking the over the . Baltimore is undefeated at home and the Browns are pretty terrible. I also like the over the . I need to find a team that will has something to play for in week 16. The pool started the season with 91 people. I am one of only 3 remaining! Could really use your advice this week’s pikc.


It’s tough to recommend other teams when I don’t know who you have already taken. If it’s between the Ravens and the Patriots, I would for sure go with the Ravens. The Ravens over the Browns should be a lock. I’m still alive in my survivor league and I’m taking the Steelers. Good luck.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 11 (2011) – Cowboys or 49ers?

Question: What team should I pick in week 11 of my survivor pool?

There are three picks that I have on my mind for week 11. I’m trying to decide between the over the , over the , and over the .

The 49ers seems like the obvious choice here, but Frank Gore might be out. I also like the Cowboys over the Redskins since the Redskins are terrible. Are there any other teams that I should consider?


That all depends on what teams you have left. I’m taking the Lions this week and the Patriots next Monday Night against the Chiefs. I like the Cowboys pick, but you have to be careful with road division games. It could possibly be a trap game so I would stick with the 49ers who have the advantage of playing at home.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 9 (2011) – Texans or Cowboys?

Question: What team would you pick in week 9 for your survivor pool?

I am trying to decide between the over Denver Broncos, over , or over . Seahawks scare me since they beat the Giants in New York! over and over also seem like good picks, but you just have to feel that the Colts are Dolphins are due for that first win sooner or later. Thank you in advance for your help.


The Raiders and Broncos is a toss up. When those teams face each other, there’s just no knowing what will happen. That game will probably be decided by a field goal and will end up giving you a heart attack.

The Texans over the Browns is a solid choice, I always love picking against the Browns.

Seattle already upset the Giants a booted a ton of teams out of my league so I won’t pick against them. Their defense is stepping up and Marshawn Lynch is getting hot.

I would steer clear of the Chiefs over the Dolphins since I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the Chiefs.

The Falcons should have no problem beating the Colts. The Colts are in shambles in Peyton Manning out.

Take the Texans or the Falcons!

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 6 (2011) – Steelers or Jets?

Week 6:

There’s a lot of teams to decide from for my survivor pool this week. I can choose from the over the , but I was also looking to save them for next week against the . I’m also thinking of taking the over the struggling . I could also go unconventional and save the Steelers and Jets picks later this week by gunning for the at home over the . What do you think?


I say you go Jets this week and Steelers next week. After looking at the Jets schedule, this could be the best time to take them and it’s a safe pick over the Dolphins who are having a lousy season. You can then save your Steelers pick for next week. Taking a gamble on the Raiders is tempting, but they’re too inconsistent to have me take them this early in the season. Good luck to you.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 3 (2011) – Steelers or Chargers?


I’m looking for advice on which team I should take in week 3 of my survivor pool. I think both teams are absolute locks straight up. I’m just trying to determine which team is a better strategic play. I’m trying to decide between taking the over the or the over the . Which team should I pick and why?


Like you said, both teams should be locks this week against their struggling opponents. The Steelers is definitely the safe play against a team without a QB. The Steelers defense probably won’t even let the Colts score. Maybe 10 points max. I would look to save the Steelers until they play the Jaguars or Titans in week 5 and week 6. With the recent injury to Jamaal Charles, they lose their biggest weapon on offense, so the Chargers shouldn’t have a hard time defeating them at home. Good luck this week.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 2 (2011) – Steelers or Jets?

Question: Which team should I pick in week 2 of my survivor pool?

I’m thinking of taking the over the or the over the . I can’t imagine Pittsburgh starting out 0-2. Both New York and Pittsburgh are at home as well and I only want to stick to home teams for now. These picks looks pretty safe to me.  Other picks that I am considering are the over the and the over the . What game do you think I should take?


Pittsburgh definitely is a lock. However, I want to save a team like the Steelers for later in the season. With that said, you may want to opt for the Jets who have an easy matchup at home against the Jaguars.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 1 (2011) – Cardinals or Texans?


I’m starting off my survivor pool. With Peyton Manning out, everyone and their mother are taking the at home over the . I have high expectations for the Texans this year and may want to save that pick for later in the year. The other game I was thinking of taking is the over the . Last year the Panthers were the worst team in the league and I don’t expect a whole lot from Cam Newton in his rookie debut. His preseason has been pretty lackluster. Should I go with the Cardinals and Texans this week?


The safer pick is definitely the Texans who should roll over the Colts who don’t have a QB now that Manning is out. However, I can understand trying to safe the Texans for later in the year. With that said, there could never be a better opportunity to take the Cardinals this year than this week. It’ll be easy to advance to week 2 and keep all of your strong teams for later weeks. Good luck this week.

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Survivor Pool Pick – Week 5 (2010) – Saints or Chargers?

Question: I need some help making my week 5 survivor pool pick.

So far this season I’ve used picks on the Giants, Packers, Patriots, and Jets.

I’m thinking of taking the (away) over the or the (away) over the .

I want to get your thoughts on the picks.


You’ve already used your picks on some really good teams so it will be hard to make your picks throughout the rest of the year, but the Saints over the Cardinals is an easy pick to make in week 5.

What I do is make my picks for the whole season at the beginning so I can strategically pick which teams I want to take each week and save the stronger teams for later in the season.

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