NFL Season Win Totals Expert Picks: Cantor Gaming Releases Early Odds

Cantor Gaming released early NFL season win totals odds earlier this week. This is actually a pretty bold move from Cantor. The draft, free agency and the schedule release have yet to happen, so the sportsbook is

NFL Survivor Pool Rules & Variations of Play

So you want to run your own NFL Survivor Pool but you don’t know the rules. Thankfully, NFL Survivor Pool rules are easy. Each pool contestant selects one NFL team each week. Each selection is made “straight

NFL Suicide Pool Expert Strategy and Advice with Winning Eliminator Tips

Everyone out there seems to have their own strategy when it comes to playing in an NFL Suicide Pool contest. For me it’s easy: go against the bad teams in the league. There are always a handful

What is an NFL Survivor Pool: Description and Examples for Eliminator Betting Contest

NFL Survivor Pools are one of the most unique and challenging betting contests to grace the national office pool landscape. These pools, sometimes called Eliminator or Suicide Pools, are gaining in popularity each year because they are

Expert Super Bowl Prop Picks: Best Odds on the Board for Proposition Wagers

Prop bets, or Proposition bets, are available for just about any sporting event. For those that are new to wagering on sports, a Prop bet is a wager on a player performance like in fantasy football or

NFL Survivor Pool Winner: Strategy from a Female Champ for Eliminator Success and Profit

You wouldn’t expect Survivor Pool dominance from a female elementary school teacher who has never gambled on sports in her life. But that is just what Emily D from San Diego has accomplished as she has earned

How to Run an NFL Survivor Pool: Running an Eliminator Contest Tips and Advice from an Expert

TK of San Diego has been running an NFL Survivor Pool for 12 football seasons. He sat down for an interview with to give some expert advice and tips for how to run a pool. Even

NFL Survivor Pool Advice and Expert Tips for How to Win an Eliminator Pool

NFL Survivor Pools are not the newest phenomenon on the office pool landscape, but they are growing in popularity exponentially year-by-year. Here at, we will provide expert advice and tips every week during the pro football

Survivor Pool Picks: Our Vision

NFL Survivor Pools are one of the fastest growing contests being played in offices and sports bars across the nation. We are passionate about Survivor Pools. So passionate, in fact, that we decided to start the only