NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 5: Opening Lines Report

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That was a short one. I was knocked out of my pool over the weekend as I took the Cardinals, who were beaten at home by St. Louis. I stated in my picks article last week that I was scared about the card and didn’t really like any of the matchups. I had switched my pick in my head a few times but eventually thought that the Cardinals were the best option. I also liked the Bills, who lost as well, and had at one point had decided on the Chargers. Wish I would have stayed with that option!

Regardless, even though I am very disappointed to get knocked out in Week 4, especially with around 15 left in my pool – I could almost smell the prize money it was so close – this was a very tough season and one of the most difficult I can ever remember. I will still continue to provide my thoughts and advice throughout the season so maybe I can help others win their pool even though mine is kaput.

In this spot I will go over some notable opening lines with picks and advice for Week 5 NFL Survivor Pools. I think this week is pretty straightforward and like the card much more than I did for that of Week 4!

NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 5: Opening Lines Report

Baltimore -6.5 vs. Cleveland

The Ravens saved their season on Thursday with a miracle win against Pittsburgh. But this obviously isn’t a great team this year at 1-3, even if they did have a tough schedule and some close losses. But they just don’t seem to have that killer instinct that they have had in recent years. This is a divisional game, and the Browns are not that bad of a team. They gave the Chargers a real scare over the weekend and seem to be playing with some confidence right now. They look more confident on the field than the Ravens do! Don’t like the Ravens this week even though they should find a way to win this game. If Cleveland gets to +7 then I will be betting on them for sure.

Atlanta -7.5 vs. Washington

Atlanta has played great to start the season and is one of the biggest surprises in the NFL at 4-0. But I just get the feeling that this team is fool’s gold. This reminds me of the Arizona game last week. A team plays great and looks like one of the best teams in the NFL then lays an egg against an inferior opponent. Could this happen here? Maybe. At 2-2 the Skins have already surpassed expectations. They have a very good running game and can play defense, too. That makes them a team that can pull upsets. I think this one will be a close game as well.

Kansas City -9 vs. Chicago

The Chiefs have looked god awful. They have had a lot of mental errors and bad coaching during this three-game losing streak, and that offensive line is looking like one of the worst in the NFL. Their defense, which was supposed to be a strength, is statistically one of the worst in the league. However, look at who they have played the last three weeks. Denver, Green Bay and Cincinnati are a combined 12-0. Yes, three of those wins were against these Chiefs, but that is probably one of the toughest stretches any team will play this season, and the last two were on the road. This looks like a “get right” game this week, and this would be my strongest pick of the week as I don’t see any way KC loses this game.

Philadelphia -4.5 vs. New Orleans

Two teams that have fallen way short of expectations. I just don’t like anything about the way these teams have started out the season and would not touch this one for my Week 5 NFL Survivor Pool pick. I think the Eagles win this game, but this should be a field goal game either way, and I recommend to stay away from this matchup of underachievers.

Green Bay -9.5 vs. St. Louis

I know the Packers are off the board for most Survivor Pool players. That is why I recommended the Chiefs as my top pick. But if you are in a second chance pool or one of the few that hasn’t used Green Bay yet then this is a very solid pick. Green Bay probably won’t lose at home this season, and I can’t see the Rams knocking off two unbeatens in consecutive weeks.

New England -9 at Dallas

Most have already used New England as well, so I won’t spend a lot of time here, but for those that still have the Pats at their disposal I would proceed with caution here. Dallas always seems to play well as an underdog, and they will probably give a strong effort here at home after losing a couple straight. New England will probably win this. But with two strong picks on the board this week – KC and Green Bay – It’s too much of a risk to take a road team here. New England has played so well that they are probably due for a mediocre game.

Denver -5.5 at Oakland

Road game. Divisional matchup. Lots not to like about Denver here, not to mention I don’t think they are as good as their record might indicate. I really like Oakland as an underdog play this year and think they are finally building a solid team the right way. They are going to be a team to watch the next couple years, and I could see them trading places with Denver at the top of the division once Peyton Manning retires. This one isn’t worth the risk, either.

New York Giants -7 vs. San Francisco

New York pulled a big road upset on Sunday at Buffalo. This team always seems to come out of nowhere as an underdog to pull an upset like that, then once expectations are raised then they falter in a game like this. This is another game I think will be close. New York looked great last week and San Francisco looked awful. But Green Bay is making a lot of teams look bad right now. This is another one I could see being closer than the oddsmakers expect.