NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 12 Expert Predictions and Analysis

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from We are getting down to the nitty gritty of the NFL season. Most have either won their NFL Survivor Pool or been knocked out a long time ago. It wasn’t the greatest season for me as I was knocked out of my pool pretty early. This is only the second time in the last six years I have been playing in these pools that I have been knocked out before Week 10. There were about 15 people left in my pool when I was eliminated, and I could almost smell the money. But I will continue to provide my picks and analysis through Week 17 in order to help those out who are looking for advice.

Last week there were a few mild upsets but nothing too earth-shattering. If you are still alive in your NFL Survivor Pool then you are getting pretty limited on choices. So in this spot I will give some off-the-radar teams that I think have a good chance to win this weekend.

NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 12

Top Play: Kansas City over Buffalo

I was big on the Chiefs to start the season and thought they had one of the best teams they have had in years. They got off to a real slow start and lost a bunch of games after their season-opening win over Houston. They looked sunk when Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending injury. But watch out for this team. KC has won four straight, three away from home, and they are now the No. 6 seed in the AFC Playoff race. And they are back at Arrowhead Stadium after playing four of five on the road (including that “home” game in London). This is the toughest game remaining for KC, who has a home-heavy schedule to finish the season against a bunch of sub-.500 teams. This is basically a must-win for the Chiefs in their hunt to return to the playoffs, and we think they will take care of business against an inferior team. Oh yeah, the Chiefs have also won two straight in this series.

Pick No. 2: Houston over New Orleans

The Texans are another team that struggled early in the season but are right back in the thick of the playoff race, mainly because they play in such a horrible division. Houston has now won three straight and looked impressive doing it. Their defense is coming around and they held the Bengals and Titans to only six points in two of their last three games. So they can slow down this New Orleans offense. And the Saints make the worst offensive teams in the NFL look like the Patriots on a weekly basis, so we are sure Houston will have no problem scoring. If Washington scored 47 on them last time out then the Texans might score 50 (I joke, I joke, but you get the picture). The passing game as well as the defense has been coming on for Houston, and we think they are an underrated team right now and probably the best team in that sorry division.

Pick No. 3: New York Giants over Washington

If you have followed my articles here at Survivor Pool Picks, you know I try and stay away from road teams as much as possible. But at this point in the season it can’t be avoided. This one looks like a mismatch despite the locale. New York has won five straight in this series. The Redskins showed some promise early in the season behind a defense that was playing well and a strong running game. But each of their last three losses have been by double digits, and they are coming off a complete shellacking at the hands of the Panthers in what many thought could be a letdown game for Carolina. That tells me that this team has given up on the season. New York has a lot to play for still and this team always has a habit of sneaking into the playoffs then doing a lot of damage while they are there. I really like the Survivor Pool options this week and think this is a very solid pick if you have the Giants available.

Pick No. 4: Jacksonville over San Diego

We have been saying all season long that we would see improvement from this Jags squad, and that is finally coming to fruition. They have won three of four and are underrated by the oddsmakers and general public right now as they have covered four straight lines as well. San Diego has dealt with a lot of injuries and they have thrown in the towel on the season if last week’s home loss against the Chiefs is any indication. That was one of the worst games by any team all season long. This is basically Philip Rivers against the whole Jacksonville team as he seems like the only one who has any heart on this squad right now, and he can’t get the job done alone on an island like that. Crazy to say but the Jags are a decent pick this week and one that should be available to most Survivor Pool players that are still alive in their competition.