NFL Confidence Pool Picks Week 5: Expert Ranked Predictions with no Point Spread

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As a new feature on we will offer weekly NFL Confidence Pool picks as our readers have expressed the desire for this type of content. Confidence Pools involve making picks on every NFL game each week with no point spread – you just pick the winner of the game. The picks have to be rated from strongest to weakest, and you get points every week for each successful pick – the higher-rated the pick is the more points you get.  These pools are becoming more popular every year and require more skill than the typical NFL office pool pick’em contest.

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NFL Confidence Pool strategy involves making the picks you think are the best the highest-rated for that week. You want to avoid making big underdogs your highest-rated plays because most people in your pool will pick the favorite, and if there is no upset everyone will get a lot of points for that win but you will get none. So my advice is to be selective with underdogs and to make them the lower-rated plays if you are going to pick them. However, if you are extremely confident in an underdog then feel free to make them a highly-rated play in hopes you will pick up a bunch of points while everyone else will be on the favorite. Use this strategy very selectively, however. Those that choose lots of underdogs normally don’t do very well in these types of betting pools.

Each week of the NFL season my colleague Kyle McCarthy and I will provide our Confidence Pool picks here on in order to help you win your pool. We will rank the picks in order from the strongest to the weakest each week. Check back next week for NFL Week 6 confidence pool picks.

NFL Confidence Pool picks Week 5 from Expert Pro Football Handicappers

 Jeremy Martin

  1. New England over Cleveland
    2. Green Bay over New York Giants
    3. Baltimore over Washington
    4. Minnesota over Houston
    5. Pittsburgh over New York Jets
    6. Oakland over San Diego
    7. Detroit over Philadelphia
    8. Indianapolis over Chicago
    9. San Francisco over Arizona
    10. Carolina over Tampa Bay
    11. Miami over Tennessee
    12. Atlanta over Denver
    13. Cincinnati over Dallas
    14. Buffalo over Los Angeles

Analysis: I do think there will be some upsets this week, so my picks reflect that. Of course, New England is my top pick for Survivor Pools so it just makes sense to make them the top pick here as well with Tom Brady back under center. Detroit is my strongest underdog play of the week as I am not a believer in the Eagles yet and Detroit is a tough place to play. You will notice I ranked the underdogs lower as I think that is a solid strategy. If you are way behind in your pool in the final weeks of the season you will have to get more aggressive with underdogs, but it’s too early in the season to do that here at this point.

Kyle McCarthy

  1. New England over Cleveland
    2. Minnesota over Houston
    3. Pittsburgh over New York Jets
    4. Carolina over Tampa Bay
    5. Oakland over San Diego
    6. Arizona over San Francisco
    7. Chicago over Indianapolis
    8. Denver over Atlanta
    9. Buffalo over Los Angeles
    10. Green Bay over New York Giants
    11. Miami over Tennessee
    12. Atlanta over Denver
    13. Washington over Baltimore
    14. Cincinnati over Dallas

Analysis: New England is the easy play of the week with the return of Tom Brady and New England is one the best teams following a loss. I also like the Minnesota defense to handle the conservative attack of the Houston Texans. New Texans QB Brock Osweiller will wish he was playing for the Broncos again. Our best upset pick is the Chicago Bears over the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have poor offensive line and the strength of the Bears D is their Front 7. Rookie Running Back Jordan Howard and Brian Hoyer have energized the Bears offensive unit.