NFL Confidence Pool Picks Week 17: Expert Ranked Predictions with no Point Spread

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Here we are at Week 17, the last week of the NFL regular season. This is always a tough week for picking games as it is hard to tell the motivation of teams that either are out of the playoff hunt or already secured their spot and have nothing major to play for.

We always suggest against picking too many upsets for NFL Confidence Pools. The best way to win your pool is to play these conservatively. However, if you are way down in the standings then it’s time to go upset heavy. And this is a good week to pick upsets as even the oddsmakers don’t seem real sure what is going to happen as there are not only some strange lines but also lots of early line movement.

Every week we will rank our picks, no point spread, from strongest to weakest.

Check back next season for a full year of NFL Confidence Pool picks.

NFL Confidence Pool picks Week 17 from Expert Pro Football Handicappers

 Jeremy Martin

  1. New England over Miami
  2. Washington over New York Giants
  3. Green Bay over Detroit
  4. Pittsburgh over Cleveland
  5. Tampa Bay over Carolina
  6. Kansas City over San Diego
  7. Denver over Oakland
  8. Seattle over San Francisco
  9. Los Angeles over Arizona
  10. Chicago over Minnesota
  11. Philadelphia over Dallas
  12. Indianapolis over Jacksonville
  13. Baltimore over Cincinnati
  14. Atlanta over New Orleans
  15. Houston over Tennessee
  16. Buffalo over New York Jets

Analysis: New England, Washington and Green Bay all have motivation this week and are my three top picks. The Steelers come next, and even though they will probably rest a lot of starters they are still better than the Browns, who got their big win last week and should be in for a letdown.

Kyle McCarthy

  1. Seattle over San Francisco
  2. Arizona over Los Angeles
  3. Pittsburgh over Cleveland
  4. Tampa Bay over Carolina
  5. Tennessee over Houston
  6. New England over Miami
  7. Baltimore over Cincinnati
  8. Atlanta over New Orleans
  9. Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
  10. Denver over Oakland
  11. Green Bay over Detroit
  12. New York Giants over Washington
  13. Jacksonville over Indianapolis
  14. Minnesota over Chicago
  15. Buffalo over New York Jets
  16. Philadelphia over Dallas


Analysis: Seattle took a surprising lose at home to Arizona last week and will look to get themselves ready for a playoff, the Cardinals want to end the season on a high note after a disappointing season and both teams are playing weak teams to do this against. Cleveland stepped to get a win last week but don’t really stand a chance against a high powered Steelers team playing at home. Not a lot of upsets this week except for possibly Jacksonville who is playing hard and taking on the Colts who are out of playoff contention.