NFL Confidence Pool Picks Week 8: Expert Ranked Predictions with no Point Spread

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Last week was a pretty straightforward week for NFL Confidence Pools, and there weren’t many big upsets. If you picked mostly favorites this week then you probably did pretty good. With this season of parity, however, things are bound to go screwy again in Week 8! As of this writing there are four teams that have lines of 9.0 points or higher and two others that are in the seven-point range. I think that a couple of these big favorites could go down. But I am really not sure which ones.

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We went to remind you to stay away from choosing too many upsets in your Confidence Pool. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to give yourself the best chance to compile the best season record possible. If you are way behind during the final weeks of the season then that might be the time to pick more upsets. But slow and steady normally wins this race.

Check back next week for NFL Confidence Pool picks Week 9.

Jeremy Martin

1  Kansas City over Denver

2  New England over LA Chargers

3  Minnesota over Cleveland

4  New Orleans over Chicago

5  Philadelphia over San Francisco

6  Cincinnati over Indianapolis

7  Pittsburgh over Detroit

8 Atlanta over New York Jets

9  Oakland over Buffalo

10  Houston over Seattle

11  Washington over Dallas

12  Tampa Bay over Carolina

13  Baltimore over Miami

Analysis: I really, really like the Chiefs this week and I think that after two straight losses that they will have a big game here against a division rival at home on Monday Night Football. I love them minus the points, and I think this might be a blowout as the Broncos looked awful on Sunday against a much lesser opponent and they have serious QB issues. As far as the big favorites go, I listed the Eagles and Bengals lowest. Philly is coming off a big divisional win off a short week and the Bengals flat-out stink. I would not be surprised if one or both of these teams lose, although I don’t have the stones to pick against them. Houston is my big upset pick as I think that they have a great chance to go into Seattle and get the win.

Kyle McCarthy

1  Philadelphia over San Francisco
2  Cincinnati over Indianapolis
3  Pittsburgh over Detroit
4  Minnesota over Cleveland
5  New Orleans over Chicago
6  New England over Los Angeles Chargers
7  Kansas City over Denver
8  Buffalo over Oakland
9 Washington over Dallas
10  Seattle over Houston
11  Tampa Bay over Carolina
12  Atlanta over New York Jets
13  Miami over Baltimore

Analysis: This is the halfway point of the NFL season and a big week with lots of teams on byes. At the halfway point the Philadelphia Eagles have passed the eye test and are our No. 1 pick over the San Francisco 49ers, who were playing tough but now look to have completely fallen apart. We are not thrilled about using Cincinnati as our No. 2 overall pick. However, the Colts are not a threat without superstar QB Andrew Luck. Be careful with selecting the Atlanta Falcons over the New York Jets. The Falcons are not firing on all cylinders and the Jets are playing very loose.