Week 3 NFL Survivor Pool Picks and Advice: Official Selections from Three Former Winners

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Week 2 was pretty straightforward for NFL Survivor Pool players. Most of the big favorites took care of business and not many people were booted out of my pool. I will have to say, by looking at my pool entries the last couple weeks, I saw some things that cemented the reason why I love to play in NFL Survivor Pools. There were some head-scratching entries submitted. I would say about 5-7 people the first two weeks picked underdogs for their picks (probably their favorite team or something)! With so much “dumb money” in a lot of these Survivor Pools, that gives those of us that do our homework a much better chance at scoring a win.

Every week in this spot we will provide free weekly NFL Survivor Pool picks from three former winners. We all play multiple cards in real life, and these are the same picks we submit in our own contests. We always recommend that you wait until close to your deadline to submit your picks each week as there is always some late-breaking news each week that could affect your chosen team.

Week 3 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Official Predictions from Three Former WInners

Jeremy Martin

Card 1: Baltimore, LA Rams, Minnesota

Card 2: Baltimore, LA Rams, Minnesota

Card 3: Baltimore, LA Rams, Minnesota

Card 4: New Orleans, X

Analysis: The Vikings are giving up more than two touchdowns on the betting line! This is one of the largest spreads that you will see in the NFL this season. The Vikings are one of the best all-around teams in the NFL, and Buffalo looks to be the clear-cut worst team in the league this year. I have said it before and I will say it again: the point spread is not set by the oddsmakers as the difference in quality of the two teams that are playing. They set the lines according to who their clients will bet to give them the best chance for 50/50 action on both sides of the game (assuring them a profit via the commission they take on bets). But they are right to post such a big price on this game, and I just don’t see any way Buffalo can win this week. Of course, anything can happen in the NFL on Any Given Sunday, but this one looks like one of the safest picks all year.

Kyle McCarthy

Card 1: Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, New England

Card 2: Cincinnati, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota

Card 3: New Orleans, X

Card 4: Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago

Analysis: New England off a loss in Jacksonville takes on the Detroit Lions. New England is one of the strongest teams in the NFL off a loss, and Belichick has an incredible record against his coaching disciples.  Minnesota has a Top 3 defense in the NFL and will be able to handle rookie QB Josh Allen and ailing Buffalo RB McCoy. Lastly, the Bears on short week are a motivated defense going against an Arizona Cardinals team that is looking for answers on both sides of the ball.

Geoff Jenkins

Card 1: Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota

Card 2: Cincinnati, San Francisco, New England

Card 3: Green Bay, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota

Card 4: Green Bay, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota