Week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Opening Line Report

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This will be a shorter version of my Opening Line report than normal. With the holidays here, I ran out of time for a comprehensive report. But if you have survived this far in the season in your Survivor Pool, you probably don’t need my help anyways!

There were a couple decent upsets in Week 11 that probably knocked some people out of Survivor pools. I know my second-chance pool was cut almost in half as many had the Falcons, Jets and Cardinals. We are getting towards the finish line, so it’s time to dig deep and make good picks. Personally, I had the Steelers and Seahawks, so I survived with my two live cards (although just barely with the Pittsburgh pick).

Week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Picks Top 3 Picks:

No. 1: New Orleans over Atlanta: I hate using these Thursday games for Survivor Pools. But we are nearing the end of the season, and I have to use the Saints at some point. This game does scare me a bit. The Saints are clearly the best team in the NFL right now. But Atlanta really has nothing to play for right now, so they should be loose and carefree. Could be the recipe for a divisional upset. I think the Saints will do enough to get the W, but I do think it will be closer than the 13-point spread might indicate.

No. 2: Los Angeles Chargers over Arizona: The Chargers are also 13-point favorites here, and even though I think the Saints are much better than the Chargers, I do think this game has a better chance to be a blowout. The Chargers have no room for error after losing last week. They are still very much in the AFC West race since the Chiefs lost on Monday Night Football as well. I think the Chargers put their best foot forward here and win in a romp.

No. 3: Baltimore over Oakland: This is a team that may be available to many Survivor Pool players. The Raiders messed up their No. 1 draft position by winning in Arizona last week. You get the feeling that is probably their last win this season, especially since they play the Chiefs twice. Baltimore QB Joe Flacco is questionable, but Lamar Jackson will get the job done if he can’t play.

No. 4: Cincinnati over Cleveland: I normally give my Top 3 picks, but I wanted to include this game since I have a bet on the Bengals and really like them in this matchup this week. This is a must-win for Cincinnati if they have any hopes of a wild card. And they now have Hue Jackson on the staff after he was fired from the Browns, and that gives the Bengals a massive edge in this contest!