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2016 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Identifying the Strongest Fade Teams

While many NFL Survivor Pool players pick the best teams in order to advance each week, I do things differently. I fade bad teams in order to move ahead in my Survivor Pool. And it has worked

Week 2 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: to Fade or Not

It turned out to be a pretty nice Week 1 for my Survivor Pool picks as all four of my selections won. While my NFL Survivor Pool philosophy mostly involves fading, or going against, bad teams, I

2015 Survivor Pool Picks: a Case to Fade the Tennessee Titans

My strategy for Survivor Pool success involves fading bad teams. Many players like to pick the best team for their weekly picks, but the problem with doing that is that you can use that team only once.

Early-Season Schedules for Top Survivor Pool Fade Teams

As I have stated in previous articles here on, my strategy for Survivor Pool success is to fade bad teams. The last couple seasons I have targeted teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Washington Redskins and

NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Top Teams to Fade

Before every new NFL season I try and segregate a handful of teams that I plan to “fade,” or go against, for the upcoming season. Isolating the worst teams in the NFL can be a great strategy

NFL Suicide Pool Expert Strategy and Advice with Winning Eliminator Tips

Everyone out there seems to have their own strategy when it comes to playing in an NFL Suicide Pool contest. For me it’s easy: go against the bad teams in the league. There are always a handful