Survivor Pool Pick – Week 11 (2011) – Cowboys or 49ers?

Question: What team should I pick in week 11 of my survivor pool?

There are three picks that I have on my mind for week 11. I’m trying to decide between the over the , over the , and over the .

The 49ers seems like the obvious choice here, but Frank Gore might be out. I also like the Cowboys over the Redskins since the Redskins are terrible. Are there any other teams that I should consider?


That all depends on what teams you have left. I’m taking the Lions this week and the Patriots next Monday Night against the Chiefs. I like the Cowboys pick, but you have to be careful with road division games. It could possibly be a trap game so I would stick with the 49ers who have the advantage of playing at home.

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  1. Of those 3, yes probbaly the Cowboys. Washington seems to have given up. Although as the other guy said, divison games are often unpredictable, as the teams know each other so well. Detroit over Carolina looks good, as does GB and NE. If you happen to have any of those teams left.

  2. bfguitarhero says:

    Dallas is tricky cuz their on the road and divisional games are always difficult. 49ers and Bears are both good selections, but I would go with the Packers just because they are clearly the best team in the NFL and it doesn’t look like Tampa Bay is anywhere close to the same level as the Packers. Second choice would probably 49ers.

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