Survivor Pool Pick – Week 5 (2010) – Saints or Chargers?

Question: I need some help making my week 5 survivor pool pick.

So far this season I’ve used picks on the Giants, Packers, Patriots, and Jets.

I’m thinking of taking the (away) over the or the (away) over the .

I want to get your thoughts on the picks.


You’ve already used your picks on some really good teams so it will be hard to make your picks throughout the rest of the year, but the Saints over the Cardinals is an easy pick to make in week 5.

What I do is make my picks for the whole season at the beginning so I can strategically pick which teams I want to take each week and save the stronger teams for later in the season.

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  1. I think ur safe but i wouldnt have picked the giants, what they did sunday night vs. the bears was luck by an embarassing performance by the o-line, texans r way better than that.

  2. You’re using up all the best teams early. I’d go with the Jags this week. They play the abysmal Bills. Save some of those dominant teams for weeks that you really need them.

  3. Stupid Flanders says:

    That is fine. But if you want to guarantee you will be around another week, take Indy over KC at home.

    The Raiders aren’t as bad as they have been in the past few years and the Chargers have been terrible on the road.

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