Survivor Pool Pick – Week 16 (2011) – Steelers, Ravens, Texans, or Patriots?

Question: What team should I take in week 16 of my survivor pool?

I have 4 picks that I’m looking at:

1.) BAL over CLE
2.) PIT over STL
3.) HOU over IND
4.) NE over MIA

Which pick do you think is a lock?

Best answer:

I would avoid the Ravens and Texans as they look bad this past week. I would take Steelers over the Rams. With the Steelers at home, this game should be a lock.

What do you think? Answer below!


  1. I would go with your number one…Ravens will be very mad and looking to crush the division foes. Steelers will have a short week and Ben’s health will still be up in the air. Texans have a short week, too, and we don’t know how Yates will respond. And, the Dolphins have actually been playing much better the last two months of the year. I’d go Ravens all the way…

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