Week 1 Survivor Pool Advice

Survivor Pool Pick – Week 1 (2011) – Cardinals or Texans?


I’m starting off my survivor pool. With Peyton Manning out, everyone and their mother are taking the Houston Texans at home over the Indianapolis Colts. I have high expectations for the Texans this year and may want to save that pick for later in the year. The other game I was thinking of taking is the Arizona Cardinals over the Carolina Panthers. Last year the Panthers were the worst team in the league and I don’t expect a whole lot from Cam Newton in his rookie debut. His preseason has been pretty lackluster. Should I go with the Cardinals and Texans this week?


The safer pick is definitely the Texans who should roll over the Colts who don’t have a QB now that Manning is out. However, I can understand trying to safe the Texans for later in the year. With that said, there could never be a better opportunity to take the Cardinals this year than this week. It’ll be easy to advance to week 2 and keep all of your strong teams for later weeks. Good luck this week.

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